Monday, January 07, 2008

...And Real Life Begins

So today is my first day in my new full time position (and here I am blogging :))

I am still in the same office but have been promoted to a full time position. This works perfectly since I am now finished coursework! Still, I am a bit worried about how to finish all the disseration writing that I have been taking a break from the last few weeks.

Italy was okay..D got sick the first day, nothing like having your kid throwing up in a foreign country for 24 hours to freak you out! E got a head cold and I, get this, have a "corneal ulcer"- sounds scarier than it is..will be fine, but drops and paste in my eye (Ewww!) for a week or so. Still, it was awesome to visit with friends, visit our Italian family, eat amazing olives, drink limoncello (if you haven't had it, come on over, we brought some home), and bask in the glorious Napoli atmosphere (feels like home)!

We finally have the new house all set up, above is the picture I have been promising to put up (Soon, I will put up more inside ones now that it is set up). We really love it and feel so lucky and blessed to finally be in our "forever house". We are also eternally grateful for the amazing community we live in and thier supportive and loving nature.

Miji turned one Saturday and C is 20 today! It is so amazing, I feel like just yesterday I was braiding her hair and putting her in dresses, now she straightens my hair and makes fun of my dressing! D is doing well, wasn't so great in Italy, but that was probably lack of sleep, lack of healthy eating, and not feeling well. He starts "late stay" at school today even though I only work til 3 (he stays until 4) and decided that sounded "scary"- I know he will be okay, but I do hate having him stay later. Sigh...such is life I guess.

All else goes along well...need to be working on my comps, but having such a nice break :) Also, totally siked about Iowa...can't wait for NH tomorrow..GO Obama!

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