Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Welcome Miji!

Here we are in Nashville...LOVE the hat!

This is Miji! Isn't she cute?

Okay, D..a little looser...don't hurt her! Big hugs!

Okay, so first, sorry it has been so long...those in touch know that finals sucked! I have turned in chapter two of my disseratation and am affording myself a two week break before I start working on revisions and chapter 3...

Next...the biggest update? I got a Puppy! Her name is Miji which is a combination of Marjorie (my grandmother's name) and Mimi (what I called her). She is part Shi Tzu and part Bison Frise...called a Shizon..she is golden blondish, weighs about 14 pounds and is now 6 months old (we have had her for about 2 months)...I absolutely love her...she follows me around and snuggles with me and is just perfect! Now, the bad part is that D is making her crazy..he chases her, pulls her tail, sits on her, and steals her toys...I think he is taking out all of the jealousy that he would on a sibling...Still, the other worry was E and he is getting used to her...even being nice to her...she is pretty cute and actually looks like a teddy bear. The best part is that having her has really helped me...I may never accept our circumstances completely, but I am learning to live with them. So check out the picture above...doesn't D look like he is holding her a little too tight?...good thing is that she loves him too and hides from him when she has had enough.

So, as for the rest of is really good...We spent a week In Las Vegas with another family and D and C was tons of fun and C and I went horseback riding in the desert...E won $550 bucks in the slots at the airport! Then we came back and E and I went to Nashville, just the two of us, for 4 was really wonderful...I remembered how much I absolutely love and adore my husband...we had so much fun together and it was a good refresher for those tough days...

Now, I am just working, relaxing, reading some great novels (waiting for Harry Potter on Saturday) and working out...oh yeah, I have worked out consistently (at least 6 days a week) for the last 4 weeks and have lost 6 lbs! not too bad...had to do something after last semester's weight I hope to post a little more consistently now (I can see you all rolling your eyes)...I want to make sure to write when I am happy (like now) and not just when I am sad.

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