Friday, February 15, 2008

An Open Letter to Superdelegates

Dear Superdelegate,
I am a 30 year old, married, mother of one. I am a Modern Orthodox Jew and a STRONG believer in Barack Obama. Although I am now a PhD student and a working member of the middle class, it was not always so. I grew up in the poor inner city outside of Boston. In my childhood world, children and adults alike didn't beleive that there was anyone to help people like "us". No one cared that we couldn't go to the doctor or dentist, no one was interested when we couldn't pay rent or untilities, no one noticed that each day we fell further and further behind. I grew up, I found a way, through education, to get out, to make a new life. Unfortunately, not all of my family and friends were able to do the same. There are millions of people in this country,like those in the communit where I grew up, with no hope, millions of children who don't think anyone cares, can or will make a difference in their lives. Barack Obama can and will change all of that. As I have visited old friends, talked with my family, my brother who is a single dad and still can't afford health and dental insurance, I have heard them begin to hope, begin to believe that there really may be someone who cares and who can change their lives. That person is Barack Obama. The people in state after state are speaking out for Barack. My college aged sister has been engaged into canvassing her campus to ensure that students vote. I have begun to believe too, believe that when Barack is elected, fewer children will grow up like I did, fewer families will sleep with no heat or electricty, and more children will have hope and believe in our country and their own futures. Please listen to the people, use your vote to support the candidate that the people want and that we all need...Barack Obama.

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