Thursday, August 24, 2006

Life I finally got my computer was off being "fixed"- only now that I have it back, it isn't really fixed at all- still has battery problems. Best Buy is still working on it. Anyhow, now I can try to post more regularly. Course, I am not sure what to post about..let's see.
My nephew, whom I adore, finally got back from Boston but it was a big fiasco. So he is hanging out with Dom this week because neither of them have school or camp yet. That means E and I are juggling schedules trying to entertain the all know how much I love being off makes me feel so behind and "off kilter" Classes start next week and I am actually pretty excited about that- it all goes back to the schedule thing. Besides, I am a NERD and I love classes.
The other big deal in our lives is that my sister goes to college tomorrow! She has everything she needs and is ready to move in, although still a bit stressed about all the paperwork and stuff. We are so proud of her and really excited for her at this "big step" in her life. On the other hand, I am going to miss having her around all the time. Funny how that pesky little sister becomes your friend. I know she will be so nearby and I will see her lots, but still not being here all the time will be different.
Finally, we decided to put our house on the market and then rent something in the Jewish community. It seems like the right decision for us, but getting the house ready to sell does cause some stress. Painting and packing, yuck!
well- that is pretty much an update..I hope to write again soon with something more interesting.

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