Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Stretch Armstrong Syndrome

So, for those who don't know I am currently part of a research team working on a project in a local school system. We are gathering information about a specific intiative that has been put in place to help schools that have been designated "in need of improvement". Today was an interview day...can I just say...Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!! I did not have the tape recorder on! What a stupid mistake...I am really frustrated...of course I did wake up at 5am...more all know I am NOT a morning person. Now I have to reconstruct the meeting/interview from memory..good news is I went to the other school and tracked down the person who has not been returning my calls...I fell like I am practicing stalking :)
Lately I feel like I am being pulled in a hundred, classes, conferences, volunteer stuff, GSA, down time ...I am supposed to get my nails done tomorrow and Ethan asked me if "is it important?"...I said "hell yeah! It is important to me!" :) I didn't make it to the gym last night and wont be able to go at all this week...that I gotta be really careful about the calories...
I guess the mood of the day is not happy...still...R comes into town tomorrow and I am hoping to get a bit of quality time with her...and then I have a conference on Friday and J and I are staying in a hotel! whoo hoo!
So- the question of the do you say no? I am so bad at that...the hero complex allows me to overcommitt...advice?

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